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Mental Health Expert and Workplace Wellness Consultant

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Dr. Erica Gergely, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Erica’s charm and natural ability to engage with people have made her one of the most sought-after speakers in today’s mental health and wellness focused climate. Her compelling personality and ability to spark engaging conversations (re: psychological safety, adapting to change & uncertainty, self-awareness, mindfulness, etc.) has made the world listen up with avid interest for what she has on tap next!



Mental Health

Dr. Erica supports companies in seamlessly implementing wellness at work to improve the mental health of all employees from c-suite to entry-level. With a warm yet straightforward approach, she teaches groups how to work through anxiety, beat burnout, and strive for wellness so that companies see improved morale, greater retention, and higher engagement with better bottom lines. 


As a workplace wellness consultant, Dr. Erica helps companies of all sizes identify and overcome the unique challenges they’re facing. And because she understands that every organization is different, she takes the time to understand your specific needs and goals before creating a customized plan of action to support the mental wellness of your workforce. 


Dr. Erica is dynamic and determined. She’s positive in attitude, full of energy, and always developing new ideas. Her most recent creation, The Soothing Snuggler, is a talking, teaching teddy bear that encourages children to learn social and emotional skills through play. When she couldn’t find a similar product for her own children and therapy clients - she decided to invent it herself! 


Kind Words & Gratitude

Human Resources Director

“Thank you, Dr. Erica, for an amazing session on “Thinking Your Way Through Change” for our leaders in the Netherlands. Very Impactful! We’re looking forward to the next session for our colleagues.”

Head of GCS Manila Operations

“Dr. Erica: I would like to thank you for a very wonderful session. It really helped our team in Manila, Philippines to feel Psychologically Safe as we go through our 3-day Team Building journey.”

People Experience Lead

“Thank you, Dr. Erica, for a wonderful session at our All Hands meeting. Your advice, simple explanations, and insights were excellent, providing an oasis of calm in our busy work lives, and so appreciated by the team. Thank you for sharing your expertise and time with us.”

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