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Webinars for Leaders

Leaders play an important role in setting the tone for their organization and fostering a culture of trust, respect, and safety. Dr. Erica can customize trainings and workshops to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to create a healthy working environment where peak performance is attained. 

Challenges, Changes, and Transformations

Is your team or organization navigating a change or transformation?

Change - and the uncertainty that comes with it - can be stressful and anxiety-provoking. Dr. Erica will help your team learn cognitive and behavioral skills to think differently about change, feel more confident, and emerge successful on the other side.

Critical Incidents and Workplace Trauma

Has your team experienced a crisis, tragedy or traumatic event? Has there been a death or a loss that's impacted your team? Dr. Erica understands how difficult it can be to process these events. She provides a safe space for teams to share their thoughts and feelings, and she listens with empathy and compassion. 

webinars for leaders

Leading the Whole Person: Wellness in the Workplace


When we show up to work, we bring our complete selves, and we want our employees to do the same. Learn skills proven to impact how you lead in the post-pandemic world where mental health and wellbeing are top priorities in the workplace.

Sustaining a Respectful Work Environment: A Focus on Civility

Leaders who are clear about reinforcing healthy relationships in the workplace, and respectful conduct among coworkers tend to have more positive overall workplace cultures. Learn how to identify uncivil behavior in the workplace, create, model, and enforce a new standard of behavior, and ultimately promote respect and dignity among employees.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace


Growing and nurturing a psychologically safe work environment requires leaders and all group members to be aware of and committed to the behaviors that build trust, respect, and empathy. Learn the roles of both leaders and individuals in creating an environment where everyone is willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable to improve collaboration and culture. 

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challenges, changes, and transformations

Unpacking the Impact of the Pandemic


Help your team process and unpack the collective crisis everyone experienced - from increasing mental health concerns, to economic stress, to political unrest - the effect has been wide-ranging. Allow your group the time and space needed to discuss their lows, highs, and everything in between. The weight lifted will bring numerous benefits!

Embracing Change, Challenge, and Uncertainty


Become empowered by understanding the connection between change/challenge/uncertainty and anxiety/stress/fear and receive tips for coping through challenging times. You will learn how to focus your mindset and calm your body to not only cope, but to lean into and embrace the discomfort that often accompanies the unknown.

Think Your Way Through Change


Change can be a disruptor and stressor for many people. Gain a cognitive and behavioral understanding of the connection between your thoughts-feelings-and behaviors to help shift your perspective and calm your body in order to positively manage change head-on.

critical incidents and workplace trauma

While there's no right way to respond after a crisis or trauma has impacted your workplace and your team, Dr. Erica can offer guidance and support in a compassionate and respectful way that truly honors individual experiences and helps to launch a journey of healing. 

Dealing with Loss in the Workplace
Virtual Remembrance Ceremony
Holding Space & Offering Support

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